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Volunteers and Senior High School Students of Tinajeros National High School

Another successful outreach event was concluded last November 2018 at Tinajeros National High School in Malabon. The event, entitled “Strength In Him” aimed to promote physical and spiritual strength among the students and the HIMprint community. The program included motivational talks from HIM Co-owner, Benjamin Rodil and Health and Fitness Coach, Gerome Bote, followed by a tutorial by Kyokushin Team. The interactive demo kept the students high-spirited as they were given the chance to do exercises using the techniques instructed.

The event concluded with a mini salo-salo and gift-giving. HIM with the help of its volunteers and customers gave a fit kit which included bottles, snacks and face towels for the kids and a donation of printer as needed by the school.

We are very much privileged to conduct this activity with Coach Gerome Bote and the Kyokushin team who made the program more interactive and meaningful by sharing their knowledge of self-defense and martial arts. Apart from the energetic students of Tinajeros National High, the volunteers and donors have been instrumental in making the event successful as they facilitated the activities and ensured that the students are learning.

In behalf of HIM, we are very much thankful for all the people behind this event. We are delighted to receive a huge amount of support from our family, friends, customers-turned-volunteers. It warms our hearts to see that there are people who are very much willing to share our advocacy of #WearShareCare.

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