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An Open Letter To You Who Has Lost Faith In Humanity

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

(A Personal Account on HimXStreetStore Outreach)

If you are at that point of your life where you just take all the negativity in, maybe you need to take a breather. Let me tell you a story of how a group of 4 people set up a team of 80 volunteers who served a community of 700 indigents:

Benz and I met a husband-and-wife tandem outside the Most Holy Redeemer Church in Quezon City. Looking back, I would like to think that it was indeed God’s plan for us to meet the Streetstore couple. They introduced us to a global concept store originating from Africa, wherein volunteers set up a free pop-up store on the streets for the homeless, all stocked up by donations. Simply put, we curated a street department store for the less-fortunate. In this way, they can experience to shop with the help of their personal assistants a.k.a. the volunteers. After planning for almost a month, we're grateful to have set up the 935th Street Store in the world!

So, going back. If you ever feel like people are so self-centered, so corrupted, like they act based on the benefits they could get from a situation, take a minute to read my key takeaways:

If you feel like social media is nothing but false realities, hatred and bashing, maybe it's time to see it from another angle.

Until now, I cannot believe that a simple Instagram post can possibly generate thousands of pre-loved clothes for the less fortunate. A single post can trigger a re-connection with a friend, a family member, an ex-officemate or even an elementary acquaintance from 15 years ago - all willing to donate and sort clothes. How cool is that? You might be tired of seeing so much toxicity in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but somewhere in your feed, you might find a worthy cause. Scroll further and maybe for once, try to like them? Or better yet, interact? Let’s be smarter than the algorithms. Do not let social media dictate what you feel and what you want to see. Interact with what really matters.

If you think strangers aren't worthy of your trust, take a minute sweetheart! Don't be too quick to judge.

I am eternally grateful for strangers who have actively expressed their interest in helping. I believe it takes a lot of courage and effort to involve yourself with people you do not know. You know what's more amazing? Strangers help not because they are your friends nor your family. They help not to pay you back. They help not for recognition, because you don’t even know them. They help simply out of the kindness of their hearts.

If you feel you're alone, just look around. Look at your mom. Your dad. Your family. Your friends.

Without even saying a word, they know what you need, how you feel, and when it’s time for backup. These people will believe in you so much that they invest their time, efforts and resources on you. So if ever you feel like giving up, don’t ever stop. You have the realest people backing you up. And when you think of quitting, don’t even try. Look around you. There are people who would be more than willing to support you.

If you think you've seen the best from someone, think again. You do not know how much more a person is capable of.

Some people just go extra miles. When we asked for preloved personal clothes, someone gave us tons of boxes donated from her entire office and personally delivered day and night. When we looked for storage facilities, someone offered her entire house, her car and even her helpers. The thing is, somewhere along your life you’ll meet selfless people. They might appear too good to be true, but rest in the fact that these people exist. And they’re not that hard to find. You just got to acknowledge that in a sea of corrupt and self-centered people stands a beacon of humane individuals.

If you feel like the world hasn’t given you enough, imagine a homeless child.

Imagine: a 2 year-old child with no clothes on walking along the dirty streets of Manila, barefoot! He only has his sister holding his hands and his mom on a wheelchair. Oh have I mentioned that this child lives on the streets? The streets where it is unsafe for a 3-ft child to be left alone. The streets where he is vulnerable to sickness and violence. The streets where people see acts of kindness as a political propaganda. Imagine how this kid will see people. Is he gonna grow believing that this world is as cruel as the people who live on it? Would you want him to lose sight of the genuine kindness of man at such an early age? What if you can do something. What if it only takes a change of perception from “I don’t have enough” to “I can do enough.” Maybe it's time for you to finally see the glass half-full.

Not all people might have the guts to act.

Sometimes people are scared to be vulnerable.

The ideas of compassion, sympathy and benevolence make you anxious.

Sometimes it seems too cheesy to extend your hands for others.

You feel like you’re not really the type who volunteers.

That’s okay.

Sometimes it might take a while.

Sometimes people just need a head start to do something great.

Sometimes people just need to see it from others first, before they believe and take the risk.

Sometimes it takes an extra push, an ounce of courage to take a step for others.

Sometimes all it really takes is a little faith in Him.

Photos by Lennard Holgado, Reuel Pindoy, Frances Pagaduan

Words by Bea Concepcion

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